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A message from Amroth De Nimroede

I do not expect this book to please. And I don’t say this because, as some of you may probably think, it would have the exactly opposite effect. No! I just say it because PRIVATE SINS pictures the uncensored story of a camgirl. It is an indecent assault to shamefulness, as some may think, or the exposure of a cruel reality, as others could think. Or is it just a nowadays fact of life, transposed in an epic story, strewn with fragments of real or virtual or pervert explicit sex?... This is a book that may satisfy some of the reader’s curiosities about the adult webcam industry world, without generalizing, though. Perhaps, those ones involved inside this industry, would haste to judge this literary act as a disfavour or a detriment. Well, this is not what I meant for. This book is just a fictional story of a videochat studio, with good and bad inside it. Obviously, any resemblance to reality is just a pure coincidence. Or is it not...

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